Acclaimed as one of the best score-boosting test prep center in Virginia, WUNDERPREP recently relocated the head office to Vienna. With his stellar team, Eddie H Kang, the founder and a master teacher of all standardized tests, fused his test-taking acumen, commitment to education, pin-point teaching style into a successful business : helping hundreds of bright minds to achieve their highest possible test scores and to enter top-notch colleges for more than 20 years.


Eddie H. Kang


With a Masters in English Language and Literature, Eddie H. Kang has been a master teacher of all standardized tests and helping students get into the world’s most selective colleges , such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, and Brown, to name a few, for over two decades. He also stands out by producing an average of 3 perfect SAT score students annually.

Dr. Choi

Dr. Choi, Ph.D in Earth Science in U of Texas, has taught High School and Middle School students on various Math topics, including Pre-Cal/Calculus, Trignomitry, and also AP Physics. Over the past 10 years he was helping challenging students to recover to almost perfect score in SATI, SATII, ACT, and SSAT.

Mary O’Brien

With a Masters from Harvard University, she has a dozen years teaching analytical writing, SSAT and SAT to High School and Middle School students. She is also a skilled College and Graduate School Admissions Specialist with an astonishing track record of success with Ivy League admissions.

Lisa Song

Graduated magna cum laude from Washington University with a dual-degree in Biology and Mathematics, she has over 9 years of experience teaching SSAT,SATI, SATII, AP and ACT exams. Moreover she developed more than 1,500 math questions for the SATI and SATII exams.

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by Mrs kim on WUNDERPREP

I learned a lot about the values of teaching, and leading a student-centered classroom. When I learned the behind the scenes of lesson planning, it became a fun and addicting challenge.

by Mrs. Lee on WUNDERPREP

Great atmosphere, amazing staff, very friendly and helpful. Teachers are very informative and entertaining.