College Coaching

We know well how overwhelming the college admissions procedures can be with all the standardized exams, senior year courseload, all the deadlines, and essays to complete. Thus, we recommend you to play it safe and ensure you are going about the whole process in an effective, timely manner.
College Coaching Program represents a one-stop shop for college admissions procedure, including all test preparation, essay review and edit, and overall application assistance,whereby you can take full advantages of strategies and approaches that have been successfully over the decades.
We can serve as an hands-on resources and test preparation solutions and differentiate your candidacy in the midst of ever-increasing competion. Unlike other test prep companies, we offer unlimited classes for SATI, SATII, ACT, and AP during the contract period.

  1. Overall Application Assistance (up to 12 colleges)
  2. Essay Review & Editing
  3. Resume Review & Editing
  4. Test Preparation ( including, weekday classes, weekend classes, Spring/Summer/Winter Break intensive courses, Thanksgiving intensive courses, and make-up classes)
  5. Guidance service ( including, selecting colleges, High School coursework, extracurricular activities, and summer programs)
  6. Mock interview preparation